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The Rabbit Corkscrew - Black

The Rabbit Corkscrew - Black

The Rabbit Corkscrew - Black - $44.95

- Rabbit corkscrew by Metrokane combines function and modern style - Made of strong polycarbonate metal and reinforced nylon - Uncorks any wine bottle with one pull - Ergonomic grip pads for comfortable operation and velvety black finish - Foil cutter and extra spiral worm included; 10-year warranty

"Enjoying a glass of fine wine shouldn't begin with fishing out that old souvenir opener from the back of the kitchen drawer. Instead, Metrokane's Rabbit corkscrew offers an intelligent design backed by well-built materials to swiftly and gracefully open any wine bottle. Operation is incredibly simple: just place the neck of the bottle between the two ear-shaped arms, then lift the lever on top and the cork comes right out. Crafted of hardened polycarbonate metal and reinforced nylon, the tool is made to hold up to heavy use, and ergonomic padding on the lever keeps it comfortable. With its smooth, velvety black finish and unique shape, the Rabbit manages to look industrial and sleek-sure to draw attention at social gatherings. The tool also comes with a foil cutter and an extra spiral worm. All pieces are packaged in a padded gift case. Metrokane ensures the corkscrew with a 10-year warranty." --Kara Karll MORE

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