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Drip Stop Ring

Drip Stop Ring

Drip Stop Ring - $4.95

  • Stops wine drips and stains
  • Fits on all bottle sizes
  • Velvet Finish for an easy grip
  • Slips easily on any bottle with spring action

    There's really nothing worse than opening a great bottle of wine, enjoying the first glass, and then realizing that the wine has dripped down onto the tablecloth. Metrokane's drip-stop ring lets every enophile stop worrying about drips. The drip-stop ring is the ideal method for keeping wine from spilling out the top of an opened bottle after pouring, keeping your spills from becoming stains. It fits on almost every size bottle, and has a spring action mechanism that makes sure it stays snug around the neck. Solidly constructed of sturdy plastic, its thick ring of felt in the interior should catch spills for years.

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