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Champagne/Wine Sealer

Champagne/Wine Sealer

Champagne/Wine Sealer - $6.99

    "The more you turn the tighter it seals."

    • Seals wine air-tight

    • Preserves champagne bubbles

    • Easy-to-grip, smooth-as-velvet finish

    • Fits any size bottle, including wide-mouthPerserves champagne bubbles

    • Seals wine bottles air-tight

    • Easy-to-grip, black velvet finish

    • Works on all size bottle necks

    • Turn clockwise to seal

    Keep champagne fresh with Metrokane's Velvet Champagne and Wine Sealer. Simply place it over the neck of your bottle and twist to seal. The more you twist, the tighter it seals--keeping wine or champagne fresh. Made of of plastic with and easy-to-grip, smooth velvet finish, Metrokane's sealer is compatible with both wine and wide-mouth champagne bottles.

    Product Description

    This sealer works equally well on wine and champagne bottles. As you turn the sealer clockwise it expands within the bottle to seal it and preserve your wine and champagne.

    Place this gizmo over the neck of the bottle and twist to seal. Your champagne stays bubbly, your wine stays fresh. A small item that will repay your investment over and over again.

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