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Champagne Xpress Opener

Champagne Xpress Opener

Champagne Xpress Opener - $8.49

The Champagne Xpress™ features sturdy zinc alloy construction and elegant matte nickel finish and is inlaid with rubber handles to give a positive grip for non-slip action.

How to use the Champagne Xpress Without removing the foil from the cork, locate the loop of the wire muzzle and bend it out.

With the handles slightly apart, slip the horn of the Champagne Xpress™ into the loop of the wire muzzle and pull the wire loop while turning the "top hat" of the opener to rest flat over the cork.

Grip the handles together so that the two spikes on either side of the opener penetrate the cork capturing it securely.

By applying pressure downward on the handles, rock the front of the opener upward, breaking the wire muzzle. Rotate the opener outward lifting slightly on the handles until the cork is removed from the bottle.

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