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Solving Your Biggest Wine Storage Problems

Reduced Now $4.99. Frustrated by the rising number of spoiled wines you've opened lately? This 14-page downloadable *.pdf  looks at the major causes of wine damage, and itemizes the bulletproof solutions that will keep your wine safe, secure and ready to serve.

I didn't have the right information about storing wine. I thought I did. I knew that wine had to stay cool, dark, and quiet. So I kept my best wines on a beautiful wall-sized wine rack in my living room. I loved to show my collection off to my friends.

The first clue I had was discovering that my wines were leaking around the corks. And as anyone can tell you, if liquid is coming out of the bottle, then air is getting in. And, after a couple of hours, air will kill your wine. I knew that, but I didn't know why. What was killing my wines?

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