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Clef du Vin The Wine Key

Professional Pocket size version comes in a lovely gift box.

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When dipped into wine, a patented metal alloy on the tip of the tool replicates the key aspects of the natural wine aging process.

Identify the precise age-potential of any wine.

Developed and tested over 10 years by a leading French scientist and wine industry consultant and a World Champion Sommelier.

Turn a rough, tannic wine into a mellow, smooth classic - in seconds!

Imagine predicting the peak age of any wine, so you serve it at its smoothest moment of perfection.

At home, at a party or in a restaurant, you can take this palm-sized Wine Key out of your pocket, open it, and age-soften any glass of wine which seems too high in tannin, too gritty, or way too young to drink enjoyably.

Stun your friends as you show them how you replicate a wines aging process - year by year - right in their wine glasses.

Create amazement at your own dinner events as each person decides how long a wine should age until it's perfect for drinking.

Now you can simulate - right in a wine glass - a wine's development to its most enjoyable moment of readiness and smoothness.

Host a small "Perfect Drinking Moment" wine party for a few friends. Each person brings a favorite wine which is 3 years old or less. Let the group decide the "Perfect Drinking Moment" for each wine. Enjoy the conversation and lots of controversy. No more tasting one bottle per year of a certain wine until you find its perfect drinking moment, but then are dismayed you have only one or two bottles left in your collection.

You can also determine which wines won't age, and why certain wines are "on sale". Buy one bottle -not a case - of that wine. Or buy several single bottles of "recommended" wines. Take them home, and check them out with this Wine Key. You'll know which wines are contenders, and which are the pretenders.

You can now organize your wine collection by the year in enters its peak drinking period. And you can predict when its peak enjoyment time will end.

How does it work? This is not a wine-magnet. It's a totally different technology. When this Wine Key is dipped into a glass of wine, a patented metal alloy located on the tip replicates some of the wine's major aspects of its natural aging process without adding any metal taste. With this tool, you'll know the ideal moment to enjoy every wine at its peak.

Developed and tested over 10 years by one of France's leading scientists and wine industry consultants, along with a European Champion Sommelier, Clef du Vin has received wide acclaim throughout Europe and Asia. Now it is available in the U.S. for the first time, and we are offering it to you.

MyFineWineLife.com™ staff have used this tool with different groups of people at wine tastings and at dinner events. Most of these people had well-developed tasting palates. Some are wine judges. Those who had the most experience tasting aged wines were the ones who admitted that this wine-tool closely replicates the aging process of a wine. And while, at first, these people were all very suspicious of the Clef du Vin's claim to simulate aging a wine "one year for each second dipped into the wine", they agreed that the claim was accurate and justified.

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