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Infrared Non-Contact Wine Thermometer

The first infrared non-contact thermometer designed to measure the temperature of the wine itself.

Incorporating the latest handheld infrared technology with sleek, European design, simply hold the Nuvovino one inch above a glass of wine and this handy pocket size device will instantly give you a highly accurate temperature reading of the wine, without ever having to come into direct contact with the wine. This gives much more accurate results than measuring the surface of the bottle or the glass.


Instant, accurate results provided by state of the art Infrared circuitry.

Sleek, contemporary, design, will impress your friends and provide a talking point at parties.

Lightweight with a pen style clip to hook to a belt or pocket for maximum portability.

Clear and easy to read digital display with measurements in both centigrade and fahrenheit.

Hygienic, retractable sensor never needs cleaning.

Long life battery included.

Sturdy storage box for safekeeping when not in use.

1 year limited warranty.

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