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deSign Wine Aerator

The deSign Wine Aerator is a fun and easy way to aerate your wine, enhance its bouquet and allow it to ‘breathe', without the fuss and time associated with traditional decanting methods.

Place this 12" remarkable wand like device into the glass or directly into your bottle of wine, squeeze a few times, and remove, and voila! A perfectly aerated wine ready for your enjoyment.

Throughout history, the benefits of allowing your wine to ‘breathe' are well known. Exposing it to the air results in a softening mini-maturation process, which allows the tannins to relax and release the bouquet. What is less well known is that simply opening up a bottle has very little affect, since so little of the wine is exposed to the air. Traditional decanting techniques can be time consuming, require elaborate equipment and may still require several hours for the wine to reach it's optimum balance.

The deSign Wine Aerator provides the same results in just a few seconds!

Crafted by Strandgade deSign in Denmark, the Wine Aerator combines the best of sleek European Design in black and stainless steel with the latest in high tech materials. A gentle squeeze of the ball end infuses the wine with thousands of tiny air bubbles, which quickly dissipate through the porous stainless steel tip. After use, simply rinse in water and allow to dry.

At your next party, invite your friends to taste the difference. Try a taste before and after. You and your friends will be amazed!

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