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Lead Crystal and the Wine Glass

Lead has been used in the production of glass for hundreds of years. In fact our lead crystal glasses are our pride and joy. There are two main reasons why lead crystal is a good thing: It's much easier to manufacture as you can work it at a much lower temperatures, and secondly its refractive index is increased, i.e. it is much clearer. The science behind this as follows: When light passes through glass it slows down distorting what you see through the glass, glass without lead  will slow the light much more than glass with lead, thus the clarity of leaded glass in general has been much more superior to that of unleaded.

Lead however is poisonous. If a liquid, say wine, is left in a decanter or glass for an extended period of time the lead will leach out from the glass into the wine, thus spoiling your wine and poisoning you.

In general you should select wine glass that does not contain lead, or is labeled lead crystal, but ensure it can still show case your wines. Personally I have used Ravenscroft glasses, as they are completely lead free, with exceptional clarity.


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