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Wine aging and the Clef du Vin

The Clef du Vin lets you identify the precise aging potential of any wine.

Probably one of the most attention-grabbing wine accessories in the market today! The Clef du Vin essentially cause a chemical reaction in your wine that the inventor claims will emulate the wine aging process. Imagine predicting the peak age of any wine, so you serve it at its smoothest moment of perfection. Not having to taste one bottle per year until you find its perfect drinking moment, but then are dismayed you have only one or two bottles left in your collection! You can also determine which wines won’t age, and why certain wines are “on sale”. Buy one bottle -not a case - of that wine. Or buy several single bottles of “recommended” wines. Take them home, and check them out with this Wine Key. You’ll know which wines are contenders, and which are the pretenders. 

So how does it work? When this Wine Key is dipped into a glass of wine, a patented metal alloy located on the tip replicates some of the wine’s major aspects of its natural aging process without adding any metal taste. With this tool, you’ll know the ideal moment to enjoy every wine at its peak.

Well to prove it the myfinewinelife.com product testing teams hosted a small “Perfect Drinking Moment” wine party for a few friends. Each person brought a favorite wine, 3 years old or less with a goal of determining the “Perfect Drinking Moment” for each wine. The conversation was illuminating with lots and lots of lively debate.

The results – firstly everyone agreed that the Clef du Vin does change the taste of the wine. About 80% of us did say that the tannins of the wine decreased, this could be a good thing or bad, depending on your preference. As we know tannins are required for the aging process, so you can extrapolate this reduction as a measure of what the wine would taste like after a few years of aging. One of our team, the pessimistic one, said that he’s read that you can get the same effect with a penny. So the controversy and volume of our conversation stepped up a notch!

Can the combination of metals in a penny have the same effect? Here is an interesting fact about pennies: If your penny has a date before 1982 it is made of 95% copper; if the date is ’83 or later, it is made of 95.7% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating. We don’t know what exactly the Clef du Vin material is except for the fact that it is a patented alloy, rumored to consist of stainless steal, gold and copper.

Well, at our next tasting test we'll compare the Clef du Vin to a coin. One thing I know so far is that the Clef du Vin works, it’s consistent and I know exactly what I am getting for my $100: (1)  A proven way to age my wine, (2) a great party accessory,  and (3) unlike a coin, I know where my Clef du Vin has been!

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