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Great little device

A friend of mine leant me a Clef du Vin. He had raved about what fun he had with it at his last party. I was a bit skeptical, but thought it might be fun to try it out at a party I was having. I had some young fruity Merlot that was recommend to be allowed to mature for about 10 years before drinking. I thought it would be a fun thing to try and would provide a talking point and keep everyone entertained before dinner. The instructions said to allow one second in the wine per one year of aging so I poured a glass for all my guests, and they all did a before and after taste test. There were a fair number of my guests who thought this would be nonsense. Amazingly every one of my guests – and we were a big group of about 40 noticed a significant difference in the wine. That it became much more mellow and fuller and rounder, as though it really had aged and was much improved and more enjoyable. Only one of my guests said he didn't notice a difference, but then he was smoking a cigar and likely couldn't taste much of anything. I think this is an excellent little device; some of the most impressed were very serious wine collectors who thought it would be a useful tool to help make a prediction of what might be a good investment. For me though it was a bit expensive, for the novelty factor alone, it was worth it, it was a great hit at my party and everyone is still talking about it.

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