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Wine Education

Wine Tasting: Step-by-Step

Reduced, now $4.99! Learn the key secrets of wine tasting

As your wine tasting pallet evolves, you'll need to arm yourself with the correct tasting methods and a descriptive language.

This downloadable *.pdf booklet takes you through the process, giving you a head start in pursuing your love for wine.

Start a Wine Tasting Group - FREE!

Everything you need to know to start a wine tasting group. Downloadable *.pdf.

Wine Development Chart - FREE

FREE! Wine can develop a lot like people. There are things to notice at various stages of development. This chart tracks the progress of two famous (and typical) wine varietals from their first through tenth year. Learn the various stages to expect and the flavors that age will impart. Downloadable *.pdf.

Wine Training Wheel

This wheel will help to train your palate to the pleasure of the complex odors and aromas that create the character of wines. It helps develop a "tasting vocabulary." For instance, if you detect FRUITY, follow the wheel outward to BERRY or MELON and if MELON further categorize it as WATERMELON, HONEYDEW or CANTALOUPE. Laminated. Dimensions: 6"

Visiting A Winery Tasting Room

Reduced, now $4.99. The ultimate guide for those visiting the Wine Country, with helpful comments by winery staff people. Be informed before you go...what can you expect, how should you behave? This 31-page downloadable *.pdf  is loaded with beautiful photographs and information. For your convenience we are also including a print friendly version with no pictures which is only 23 pages.

Wine & Food Matching Wheel by Robin Garr

From salads to sushi, chocolate to cheese, rotate the window in the top wheel to a menu or food type selection to reveal an appropriate wine selection.

Serving Temperatures for Wine - FREE

FREE! This handy downloadable *.pdf chart will allow you to determine if your wine is at the perfect serving temperature. Both Celcius and Farenheit temperatures are shown. Don't embarrass yourself by serving your wine at the wrong temperature!

Great American Wine, The Wine Rebel Manual by Craig Renaud with Tony and Suzanne Bamonte

Discover the real way to drink wine — the Wine Rebel's way. The Wine Rebel calls things as he sees them and is refreshingly right on target."Without a doubt, (Robert) Parker is the number one world renowned wine critic. This fact is readily acknowledged and accepted by the majority of those involved in the wine industry and also proclaimed by Parker himself. Mr Renaud's concern and disappointment with Mr. Parker and his influence over the world's wine industry is his ability to turn such a large number of wine drinkers into lemmings, blindly following his 100 point rating system..."says the Wine Rebel. Amazingly, this burly, rough, tattooed biker from North Idaho simply cuts through years of phony wine babble and the scientifically impossible 100-point wine-scoring system. The Wine Rebel calls things as he sees them and is refreshingly right on target. The Wine Rebel is a man on a mission in support of the American wine industry and truth in the wine rating and marketing system. His slogan, "Let me taste any $200 foreign bottle of wine and I will match or exceed its taste and quality with a bottle of American wine at a fraction of that cost."

Hard-bound book, 224 pages.

Solving Your Biggest Wine Storage Problems

Reduced Now $4.99. Frustrated by the rising number of spoiled wines you've opened lately? This 14-page downloadable *.pdf  looks at the major causes of wine damage, and itemizes the bulletproof solutions that will keep your wine safe, secure and ready to serve.

I didn't have the right information about storing wine. I thought I did. I knew that wine had to stay cool, dark, and quiet. So I kept my best wines on a beautiful wall-sized wine rack in my living room. I loved to show my collection off to my friends.

The first clue I had was discovering that my wines were leaking around the corks. And as anyone can tell you, if liquid is coming out of the bottle, then air is getting in. And, after a couple of hours, air will kill your wine. I knew that, but I didn't know why. What was killing my wines?

Champagne: The Bubbly Connoisseur of Great Moments

Reduced, now $4.99! This 15-page e-booklet defines Champagne and other Sparkling Wines. This thorough downloadable *.pdf document demythologises, explains the making and varieties, and discusses the history of this bubbly delight. Impress and expand the enjoyment of this bubbly delight by sharing your knowledge with your friends.

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